"Personalized Quality Workmanship Since 1975!"

"Personalized Quality Workmanship Since 1975!"

About Me

My name is “Tree Man” Dave and stems from my childhood dream to be a Tree Surgeon. I knew this at the age of seven and gardened for my father from seven to 17 years old. I am a self -taught expert and I developed this through my passion of trees and years of education. I have always wanted to raise awareness about yards and trees. I went into business for myself and bought an 18-year-old established business named Zimmerman’s tree service.  I took Zimmerman‘s and transformed it into a landscaping, nursery, consultant, designer and woodworking business called Z Custom Dreams. I have owned these businesses for 45 years and take pride in creating and building some of the most beautiful landscapes to amazing house restorations.  I am very creative and pride myself in helping you accomplish your dreams efficiently while receiving the highest level of customer service and communication. I David Hayes will help you achieve your dreams with amazing accuracy and speed and I look forward to assisting you.  Let’s build something together.

“Tree Man” Dave

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